"Enhanced sensing" creates a frame for discussion on cognition and on human-technology Interaction, particularly in relation to movement and sound. It is also a platform initiated by the Sentire project to exchange ideas and experiences.
Cognition is now considered as a dynamic interplay of individual bodily and environmental processes, with the brain as a mediator of that interplay (Fuchs, 2011). How can interactive technology (such as Sentire) contribute to this interplay and enhance human sensing? In which way can interactive technology develop cognitive sensory abilities?
Hannah Perner-Wilson
researchers in the hybrid field of craft and technology that combines knowledge and skill from electrical engineering and textile design.
Rebecca Louise Breuer
senior researcher and philosophy lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Paweł Gwiaździński
PhD student and Junior Researcher at Consciousness Lab Jagiellonian University
Jelena Rosic
doctoral candidate in New Media at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture (FI)
Jun.Prof. Dr. Jin Hyun Kim
Assistant Professor of Systematic Musicology and Director of the Laboratory for Music Technology, Aisthesis and Interaction (TAIM) at the Institute of Musicology and Media Science at Humboldt University of Berlin
Marcello Lussana,
Phd student at the musicology departement of the Humboldt University of Berlin
April, 12 / Spektrum Art Science Community, Bürknerstraße 12, Berlin
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