‘Sentire’ is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel

The project is about exploring the fine mixture of these two senses, their amplification and morphing

Sentire began as a participatory performance series, where proximity and touch events between two persons are transformed into sound, allowing a deep sensory somatic experience.

Sentire is now also an ongoing cross-disciplinary research, connecting artists, researchers, developers and therapists. We believe that Sentire can be valuable in different fields

We developed a system that enhances cognition and body perception of its users, allowing different usages in the fields of art, therapy, education and entertainment.

The Sentire team organized different activities, such as performances, workshops, community meetings, talks and a conference – connecting actual experience with critical reflection and research.

Video footage by Johan Plenefeld

Sentire Took Part:

Project Space Festival Berlin 2018
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin, 2018
Linux Audio Conference Berlin, 2018
CTM Vorspiel Berlin 2018
WÄRMFLASCHE performance art festival Berlin 2018
MovLab Community showcase Berlin 2016, 2017

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