Participatory performance

Sentire has been formerly developed as a participative performance, where the audience have the chance to experience it directly. Thanks to a guide and performer, the guest is invited to become sensitive to the subtle shift of body perception and hearing, in relation to yourself and to the other person. The feeling of proximity and touch between the two participants is transformed into sound, this is the essence of Sentire.


Sentire can be fully experienced trying it out directly, but it can be also enjoyed by an audience. The felt distance and touch between the performers can become very clear for the audience too. Thanks to specific sound mappings, the performers are creating and shaping the composition out of their feelings and perceptions.

====================== There are two possible modes of engagement for the audience in the Sentire performance. First, as immersive piece, it invites any guest to become an active participant and directly experience what is sentire – a subtle shift in perception caused by amplification and morphing of two senses: hearing and sense of touch. This experience is possible only in relation to another person, with whom the space and an action are shared. The interaction between two people, any change in distance and every touch event, are instantly transformed into sound. By this the whole body operates as an musical instrument and two people could play one on another. Every participant share the space and the action with a guide, who carries out the individual sessions thought different interactive scenarios, allowing to deepen sensory experience and perception. Second, attendants might choose the role of the audience. They are welcome to share the same room and observe interactions of others. The performance consists of several sessions, each 6-10 min long. Due to unique sound mapping, participants diverse backgrounds and the open-ended nature, every interaction has its own, unique dynamics. Simultaneous emergence and fading of movement and sound events creates spectacular performance, referring to codependency in origination and unfolding between the caused action (movement) and its effect (sound) within shared environment.


Art, Performance