Sentire is very intuitive, playful, and inclusive in its usage. No previous knowledge or experience is needed, though regular usage can offer further benefits.


The Sentire team has been organising non-public sessions for people from different backgrounds, approaches and abilities.


These sessions allow us to understand how we can adapt the system to particular “real world” situtations, especially regarding individual perception and social dynamics. As we are aware that more work and study is needed, we welcome requests from interested individuals and organisations, simply write to us:


A session can unfold differently, depending on single participants and the context of the whole event. The system and its usage can be adapted for specific cases: for individuals, small groups, for creative expression through the body and communicating with others based on feeling and hearing.


Coherently with the research we have been carrying out so far, we usually interview the participants using a micro-phenomenological method, that allows to discover how such an experience can make us more aware of our unconscious processes.


Within such sessions we study in which way can sentire system, brought in the particular “real world” situations, affect individual perception and social dynamics. For this reasons we organise sessions in different facilities and welcome any request from interested individuals and organisations.

Sessions unfolds differently depending on participants and their context. Being informed of that beforehand, Sentire team designs and carries out the session for individuals or small groups, comprising interactive scenarios, sound mappings and creative reflection on interactions, allowing to deepen the experience.

By preliminary agreement, participants might join our experiment and take part in the research on human perception. Interested individuals are interviewed, using micro-phenomenological method, soon after the experience.


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