Core Team

Marcello Lussana

researcher, sound artist and programmer, specialized in interactive sound technologies. Marcello is the creator of the Sentire system, which is also the main subject of his PhD. research about human perception.

Olga Kozmanidze

musician, performance and sound artist. Olga is responsible for conducting, conceptualising and studying the interactions. Having an experience in business and advertising, she also takes care of general project management.

Pascal Staudt

creative coder, instrument developer and sound artist. Having a strong background in electrical engineering and music informatics, Pascal is mainly responsible for developing the Hard- and Software and designing new features.


Dr. Stephan Mainka

Researcher at the Neurological Hospital for Movement Disorders / Parkinson Beelitz-Heilstätte.

Ulrike Stollenwerk

music therapist

Dr. Simon Rose

saxophonist, independent researcher and author whose research interest is in creative processes.

Replica Institute

is a physical theatre platform to invent and rehearse future realities.

Yaara Dolev

a dancer, choreographer, Gaga-method teacher


Alexander Muller Rakow

a designer, lecturer and researcher at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Jin Hyun Kim

Assistant Professor of Systematic Musicology at HU, Berlin

Miriam Kyselo

researcher in philosophy of mind, cognitive science and philosophical psychology

Alberto de Campo

Professor für Generative Kunst / Computational Art am Institut für zeitbasierte Medien.

Hannes Hoelzl

künstlerischer Mitarbeiter in der Klasse Generative Arts/Computational Arts, ist elektronsicher Komponist und Medienkünstler.

Dirk Göken, Pit Mathias

Electronic engineers

Thomas Wagner

adviser and supervisor of start-up projects in the HU start-up service.

Arne Meyer-Haake

adviser and supervisor of start-up projects in the HU start-up service.


Eugene Kazakov

graphic designer and sound artist

Achilleas Sourlas

musician, composer, music software developer